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"As a physical art, drumming places great demands on the body. The lifestyle of a performer does not generally promote good health habits; late nights, little physical exercise and little time to warm-up all conspire to negatively effect the drummers health. Good habits start today, and will increase your health and enhance your art!"
Dan Buch, BS, DC, QME Drummer and Chiropractor
Currently performing with Gamma featuring Davey Pattison

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"Drummershealth.com has been on the web since 2004. My sincere goal remains that the information presented here will help further the art of drumming and enhance the health of drummers the world over!  I hope you find these pages helpful!

I have been a drummer for most of my life and I have been involved in sports medicine as both an Athletic Trainer and as a Doctor of Chiropractic for over 25 years. I have found that many principles of athletics relate to the art of drumming.  The drum set is a relatively new instrument, tracing its roots to the early 20th century. Modern drumming brings a level of physicality and dexterity as to amaze the non-drummer. This physical virtuosity comes at a cost however as the physical forces involved can suddenly, or over time lead to physical injury. We are only just beginning to realize the physical nature of modern drumming and its impacts of health and well-being.

The information presented here is not intended to act as an absolute guide to staying healthy as a drummer. Please, if you have any pain or illness lasting unchanged over one week, seek professional help. Only face to face examination and history done by your health care professional can determine the nature and extent of the problem."

Drumming is of course a physical thing. Depending on the amount of travel, number of dates and rehearsals, and the weight of gear; professional drumming can be an extremely physical occupation. Adding to these physical aspects are the variables of late nights, little sleep, poor eating habits and often little or no insurance to help pay for health care. Therefore, taking steps to improve overall health and avoiding injury is very important.

Looking after your health involves not only taking care of your drumming related body parts, but also the "core" of your health. After-all, it is your body's intrinsic ability to heal which will determine your ability to heal should an injury occur."





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The Clem Burke Project is performing research into the physiology of drumming.
The research is led by Dr. Marcus Smith from the University of Chichester and Dr. Steve Draper from the University of Gloucestershire in England.

"There is a clear link between fitness and performance. Musicians need exceptional stamina to sustain optimum output especially when on tour." 

The results of research into the oxygen expenditure and heart rate make it quite clear that drumming can be a very physically intense activity. During an 82 minute performance, Clem Burke reached a maximum hear rate of 191 bpm and sustained an average heart rate of 145 bpm. This average heart rate places Clem's drumming well above what would be requiredfor a Training Heart Rate.

For more on information on this remarkable and much needed research, please visit the
Clem Burke Drumming Project


Injury Prevention Tips from Pro Drummers

See what drummers like J.R. Robinson, widely regarded as the most recorded drummer of all time, have to say about staying in shape and preparing for the physical demands of drumming.

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